40th Anniversary Olympia 2012 -CD & DVD

Alan Stivell

Alan Stivell 40th Anniversary Olympia 2012 -CD & DVD
  • CD1: 1. Présentation
  • CD1: 2. Bleimor, The Bagad
  • CD1: 3. Eibhlin
  • CD1: 4. The Wind of Keltia
  • CD1: 5. Brian Boru
  • CD1: 6. Te
  • CD1: 7. La Hargne Au Coeur
  • CD1: 8. Ne Bado Ket Atao
  • CD1: 9. Brittany's
  • CD1: 10. Kimiad
  • CD1: 11. Miz Tu
  • CD1: 12. Suite Sudarmoricaine
  • CD1: 13. Son Ar Chistr
  • CD1: 14. Tri Martolod
  • CD1: 15. Bro Gozh

On an evening of February 1972, the Olympia in Paris witnessed a seminal concert. Electric guitars, harps and Breton singing, allowed Alan Stivell to captivate his live audience. The recording of this show has met international critical acclaim and has sold more than a million units worldwide. The show turned out to be a true musical and cultural revolution, and it remains one of the landmark events of the 70s.  To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the show and the album release, Alan Stivell has returned to the Olympia. This time he has brought along numerous guests (Nolwenn Leroy, Joanne McIver, Dan Ar Braz, Robert le Gall, Pat O'May, René Werneer and the Bagad de Saint-Malo) on his travels to the crossroads of traditional Celtic music, Rock, folk, improvisations, a cappella singing and electronica. DVD - 32 clips CD - 15 tracks.


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