Une Femme Qui Chante


 Barbara Une Femme Qui Chante

New full special 15th Anniversary music CDs in a book with 60 pages of richly illustrated biography, detailed discography,and rare photos. 19 CDís mastered more than 350 titles in high definition, grouping together for the first time, all of the recordings on various labels Decca, Pathā, Odeon, CBS and Philips. CD1 - The first 8 supports short original records in accordance with 78 and 45 rpm. CD2 - The 3 albums 25cm original Barbara in Lock, Barbara sings Brassens, Brel sings Barbara. CD3 to 9 - 12 albums original 33 rpm Philips (1964-1996) Barbara arrives at Philips in 1964, immediate success! CD10 & 11 - Live at the Olympia fully Unpublished January 22, 1968. Barbara sings for the first time at the Olympia with the large set of Michel Colombier. Historic evening during which she established her star status of French song. CD12 & 13 - Live at Pantin + 6 unreleased tracks from 28 October to 21 November 1981. Barbara installed a marquee in New Hippodrome de Paris (Porte de Pantin). More than 50,000 people will see this show still remained in the memories, mythical, some would say! New enhanced version 6 unreleased tracks. CD14 - Passion Lily Recorded at the Zenith in Paris in February 1985 with Gerard Depardieu. CD15 - Compilation isolated live songs throughout his career, Barbara takes the songs on stage which will never be recorded in the studio. Here is the complete compilation. CD16 - Barbara recites "Letters to a Young Poet". First reissue historic work of the famous German poet Rainer Maria Rilke that Barbara was a fervent admirer. CD17 - Barbara released on Europe 1. Released in 1992 limited edition, this CD contains rare songs sung by Barbara on Europe 1. CD18 & 19 - Documents, rarities, version alternative or novel, more than 60 titles. After an exhaustive research, we propose for the first time, a large number of titles in alternative versions. Certain others are completely new like: "We are not angels," "The zozos", "Even if you came back" ...


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