Una Noche En El Teatro Real

David Bisbal

David Bisbal Una Noche En El Teatro Real
  • CD1: 1. Intro Amar
  • CD1: 2. Almeria, Tierra noble
  • CD1: 3. El ruido
  • CD1: 4. Te quiero dijiste
  • CD1: 5. Llorare las penas
  • CD1: 6. Esta ausencia
  • CD1: 7. Me derrumbo
  • CD1: 8. En um rincon del alma
  • CD1: 9. Doy la vida
  • CD1: 10. Sombra y luz
  • CD1: 11. Como olvidar
  • CD1: 12. Besos de tu boca
  • CD2: 1. Intro
  • CD2: 2. Ave Maria
  • CD2: 3. Adoro
  • CD2: 4. Lucia
  • CD2: 5. Digale
  • CD2: 6. Luna
  • CD2: 7. Alandalus
  • CD2: 8. Quien me iba a decir
  • CD2: 9. Sin miraratas
  • CD2: 10. Silencio
  • CD2: 11. Y si fuera ella
  • CD2: 12. Mi princesa
  • CD2: 13. Esclavo de besos
  • CD3: 1. Concierto "Una Noche En El Teatro Real"
  • CD3: 2. Asi se hizo: gira internacional
  • CD3: 3. Asi se hizo: gira Espanola
  • CD3: 4. Asi se hizo: Una Noche En El Teatro Real
  • CD3: 5. Galeria de fotos
  • CD3: 6. 10 anos con

Una Noche en el Teatro Real is the title of the album that captures the full concert experience of his first ever live acoustic performance: a unique and one of a kind event that was exclusively recorded and will be released as a Deluxe 2x CD+DVD this Christmas Season. Una Noche en el Teatro Real is a unique opportunity which unfolds the unseen dimensions of Bisbalīs greatest hit songs performed with a smart and pure sound and new arrangements in a warm atmosphere of intimacy. David Bisbalīs astonishing vocals were backed up on the majestic Real stage by a superb band of acoustic and Spanish guitars, a grand piano, bass, acoustic bass, brass section, percussion and a string octet.


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