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La Grande Sophie (Sophie Huriaux) is genuinely so called because of her notable stature. Her debut album was released in 1997 on a French independent label, before signing to Sony France in 2000 for one album. In 2003 she moved to Universal France and 'La Place Du Fantome' is her fifth album for the major. Her last 'Des Vagues Et Des Ruisseux' was awarded the Grand Prix de l'Academie Charles Cros.

Sophie has undertaken extensive touring over this period throughout France and has a strong fanbase for her brand of intelligent music.

The album 'La Place Du Fantome' is entirely written and composed by La Grande Sophie, co-arranged and co-directed with Vincent Taurelle, Vincent Taeger and Ludovic Bruni (Feist, Francoise Hardy). Ten songs that combine clear and inspired pop rhythms within a framework balanced between acoustic elements and analog synths.

"An essential album...sets his year's bar exceptionally high" Kieron Tyler: Rockfort (UK French music radio and website)

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