MIYAVI, The Guitar Artist - Slap the World Tour 2014 DVD due out in November 2014.



MIYAVI Biography

His unique slapping style without using a guitar pick has received a lot of attention from all over the world. He has made a great success of 3 world tours so far, more than 200 shows in over 30 countries including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

His stylish visual - which is quite androgynous - is receiving a lot of attention from fashion brands. He has tattoos everywhere with very specific meanings.

THE SAMURAI GUITARIST keeps challenging the world by being chosen by Angelina Jolie to portray a Japanese POW camp villain in the movie Unbroken which is released late 2014.

The majority of his new self-titled record MIYAVI was recorded and produced in London with award winning producer Dean Gillard (Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Christina Milian, The Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson, and more). Tracks "Day1" and "Cry Like This" were produced by respected French electro DJ Yuksek with a further track "Free World" produced by the Swedish electronic group Necro Facility. It is released in a strictly limited edition CD/DVD format featuring Footage from Ahead Of The Light Tour 2013 and Making of MIYAVI.

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