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We Are Perfume World Tour 3rd Document - There has been a delay in manufacture due to the complex design and the fact that we needed to have English subtitles. It will now be shipped beginning of August.

PERFUME's new album 'Cosmic Explorer' out now.

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PERFUME are A-CHAN (Ayaka Nishiwaki), KASHIYUKA (Yuka Kashino), and NOCCHi (Ayano Omoto). Three piece techno pop unit.

Perfume was formed in 2000, originally based in Hiroshima, and moved out to Tokyo in 2003, where they tagged with the sound producer, Yasutaka Nakata (capsule). In 2007, they were casted on the NHK environment and recycle campaign commercial, and on that commercial, their single "Polyrhythm" was featured which lead to their big break. Since then, they have received wide acclaims for their original music, lyrics, dance and unique talks.

In Nov. 2010, Perfume did their very first Tokyo Dome show with 50,000 audiences which was a huge success.4th album "JPN" was released in 2011, bringing them their 3rd consecutive No.1 on Oricon Weekly album chart. On New Year's Eve that year, they participated and performed for famous end of year TV show "62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" for the 4th consecutive year.

Starting Jan. 2012, Perfume went on the road for their first ever arena tour, captivating the hearts of 200,000 fans around Japan. With this tour "Kirin Chuhai Hyoketsu Presents Perfume 3rd Tour "JPN"", members visited 13 places and did 22 shows, all of which concluded in huge success. Prior to the release of Live DVD "Perfume 3rd Tour "JPN"" on Aug. 1st, 2012, their single "Spring Of Life" was released in April, 2012. This single marked the biggest number of 1st week sales in their history. In June, they hosted an internationally acclaimed award show "MTV VMAJ 2012 (MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2012)" and won 2 awards.

On Sep. 12th, 2012, new album "Perfume Global Compilation "LOVE THE WORLD"" was released which scored their 4th consecutive No.1 album on Oricon Weekly album chart.

In Oct. and Nov. 2012, Perfume went on their very first world tour "Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st". They visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore and did all SOLD OUT shows. In July, 2013, their first ever European tour took place in Cologne, London and Paris which also concluded with great success! Also in Nov. 2014, Perfume performed in the US for the first time with their "Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd". NY show was completely sold out, weeks before the show. They were welcomed by loyal fans everywhere they went.

Their latest album "LEVEL3" topped Oricon weekly album chart and iTunes album chart in Japan. It also came in top 10 on iTunes Electronic album chart around the world including the US and Canada (#1 in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore)!

Perfume celebrates their 10th major debut anniversary in 2015!

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