Rachid Taha
**NEW RELEASE** Diwan 2
Wrass 181

Rachid Taha **NEW RELEASE** Diwan 2

With Diwan 2 Rachid returns to his roots with a selection of songs that draw on his rich heritage and the Rai music traditions. The album includes Rachid's own unique take on Algerian standards - 'Rani M'Hayer', lost classics - 'Ecoute Moi Camarade' as well as original compositions - 'Josephine'.

CD1: 1. Ecoute Moi Camarade
CD1: 2. Rani M'Hayer
CD1: 3. Agatha
CD1: 4. Kifache Rah
CD1: 5. Josephine
CD1: 6. Gana El Hawa
CD1: 7. Aah Mon Amour
CD1: 8. Mataouel Delil
CD1: 9. Maydoum
CD1: 10. Ghanny Li Shwaya

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