Serge Gainsbourg
20th Anniversary Box Set

Serge Gainsbourg 20th Anniversary Box Set


CD1: 1. Du Chant A La Lune
CD2: 1. No. 2
CD3: 1. L'etonnant Serge Gainsbourg
CD4: 1. No. 4
CD5: 1. Confidential
CD6: 1. Gainsbourg Percussions
CD7: 1. Initials B. B.
CD8: 1. Jane Birkin Et Serge Gainsbourg
CD9: 1. Historie De Melody Nelson
CD10: 1. Vu De L'Exterieur
CD11: 1. Rock Around The Bunker
CD12: 1. L'homme A Tete De Chou
CD13: 1. Aux Armes Et Caetera
CD14: 1. Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Etoiles
CD15: 1. Love On The Beat
CD16: 1. You're Under Arrest
CD17: 1. Singles Et Duos
CD18: 1. Archives Tele/Radio
CD19: 1. Gainsbourg Cinema
CD20: 1. Gainsbourg Cinema (Instrumentaux)

Serge Gainsbourg 20th Anniversary Box Set

Serge Gainsbourg is nothing short of a national hero in France, a legend across Europe, and a musical cult figure in the UK.

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his death on March 2nd 1991, aged just 62, Blue Wrasse Records is making available this extraordinary box set.

This is the first ever exhaustive collection of Gainsbourg’s work for Universal Music between 1958 and his death.

  • 284 songs – including some previously unreleased Ltd Edition numbered art-book format (31cm x31cm)
  • 50 page biography, beautifully illustrated Portfolio of 25 photos and manuscripts (295 x295 mm)
  • 17 CDs covering the studio albums, collected singles and bonus tracks
  • 2 CDs devoted to his songs and scores for films
  • 1CD devoted to arhcive recordings from Radio and TV.
  • This anniversary is a major event in French culture and will receive significant coverage not only in the UK based French media but also in British media.

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