Souad Massi
Acoustic - The Best Of Souad Massi (DVD)
Wrass 211

This is the first Souad Massi DVD ever released. Features 17 tracks specially recorded acoustically.

The world loves an enigma, and enigmas rarely come as talented, beautiful, honest and courageous as Souad Massi. Her music has been welcomed as a brave new dawn in the history of Maghrebi music. Her youthful obsessions with western rock, folk, country music, as well as the chaabi and classical andalusian music of her native land, gave birth to a style uniquely her own, an emotionally charged vehicle for themes of loss, nostalgia and the bonfire of innocence. She is now one of the leading female World Music Artists, having sold over 300,000 albums around the world. She has stamped her own identity, her own style, with her culture-blending sound - a mix of traditional, rock, folk, classical,flamenco,while her ballads are melodic, poignant, achingly beautiful. Just as Souad Massi herself is all light and shade, innocence and experience, melancholy and optimism, so is this beautiful representation of the best of her 3 albums reinterpreted.


CD1: 1. Denya Wezman - That's Life
CD1: 2. Hayati - My Life
CD1: 3. Yemma - Mummy I Lie To You
CD1: 4. Bladi - My Country
CD1: 5. Matebkiche - Don't Cry
CD1: 6. Raoui - Storyteller
CD1: 7. Le Bien et Le Mal - The Good and The Bad
CD1: 8. Dar Dgedi - Grandfather's House
CD1: 9. Hagda Wala Akter - There's Worse
CD1: 10. Talit El Bir
CD1: 11. Amessa - A Day Will Come
CD1: 12. Ghir Enta - I Only Love You
CD1: 13. Khalouni - Let Me
CD1: 14. Ech Edani - I Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love With You
CD1: 15. Tant Pis Pour Moi - Too Bad For Me
CD1: 16. Ya Kelbi - Oh! My Heart
CD1: 17. Rani Rayha - I'm Leaving
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