Sous Un Soleils Enorme Ltd Book CD

Bernard Lavilliers

Bernard Lavilliers Sous Un Soleils Enorme Ltd Book CD
  • Vinyl 1: Face 1: Track 1. Le Coeur du Monde
  • Vinyl 1: Face 10: Track 10. Noir tango
  • Vinyl 1: Face 11: Track 11. L’ailleurs
  • Vinyl 1: Face 2: Track 2. Voyages
  • Vinyl 1: Face 3: Track 3. Je tiens d’elle (avec Terrenoire)
  • Vinyl 1: Face 4: Track 4. Beautiful Days
  • Vinyl 1: Face 5: Track 5. Toi et moi
  • Vinyl 1: Face 6: Track 6. Les porteños sont fatigués
  • Vinyl 1: Face 7: Track 7. Le piéton de Buenos Aires
  • Vinyl 1: Face 8: Track 8. Qui a tué Davy Moore ? (avec Izia, Eric Cantona, Hervé et Gaëtan Roussel)
  • Vinyl 1: Face 9: Track 9. Corruption

The aptly named “Sous Un Soleils Enorme” ("Under a huge sun“) is a solar album, undoubtedly, with many facets. During 2019, Lavilliers went to Argentina, starting a new cycle, giving birth to a few songs. Like everyone else, he had to revise his plans last year. This unique year was therefore the opportunity to travel differently… The songs born in Buenos Aires were enriched by the observation of the world as it is… Then came other titles, as much from an introspection as from a reality mingled with poetry.And always, that of an indefatigable brotherhood. Around Lavilliers, faithful like Romain Humeau of the Eiffel group, longtime accomplices, multi-talented musicians like Georges Baux, Xavier Tribolet or Michaël Lapie ... And as always also at Lavilliers, newcomers, like the duo of Terrenoire, an unstoppable collective with Izia, Gaëtan Roussel, Hervé and Eric Cantona! orchestrated by a captain who is at the helm more than ever!


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