I Never Thought This Day Would Come

Duke Special

 Duke Special I Never Thought This Day Would Come
  • CD1: 1. Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • CD1: 2. Sweet, Sweet Kisses
  • CD1: 3. These Proverbs We Made In The Winter Must End
  • CD1: 4. Diggin' An Early Grave
  • CD1: 5. I Never Thought This Day Would Come (And Now It Wont Go Away)
  • CD1: 6. Why Does Anybody Love
  • CD1: 7. Flesh And Blood Dance
  • CD1: 8. If I Don't Feel It
  • CD1: 9. Let Me Go (Please, Please, Please!)
  • CD1: 10. By The Skin Of My Teeth
  • CD1: 11. Nothing Comes Easy
  • CD1: 12. Nothin' You Could Do Can Bring Me Round
  • CD1: 13. Diggin' An Early Grave (Metropolis Sessions)
  • CD1: 14. You Can't Catch Me (Metropolis Sessions)
  • CD1: 15. Texarkana Baby (Metropolis Sessions)
  • CD1: 16. Monsters In The Dust

A more immediate and visceral collection than the previous multi platinum selling Songs From The Deep Forest, the new albumís many moments of beauty and hope are juxtaposed with a dark, brooding edge- the trademark twist of the Duke.

Recorded between Wapping, London; Champaign, Illinois and Culleybackey, Northern Ireland, I Never Thought This Day Would Come was produced by long-time collaborator Paul Pilot and mixed by Nick Terry, best known for his work with the Klaxons and The Libertines.

In a deliberate attempt to push outwards, Duke Special undertook many writing collaborations for this album including sessions with Daniel Benjamin - drummer with German punk band Jumbo Jet, Paul Pilot, Phil Wilkinson and Bernard Butler. The wind, brass and percussion of the RTE Symphony Orchestra, under the stewardship of the inimitable David Brophy, add a swirling carnival flavour to the proceedings.


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