Eddy De Pretto

Eddy De Pretto A TOUS LES BATARDS - 2 LP
  • Vinyl 1: Face A1: Track 1. Bateaux-Mouches
  • Vinyl 1: Face A2: Track 2. Parfaitement
  • Vinyl 1: Face A3: Track 3. Val de Larmes
  • Vinyl 1: Face A4: Track 4. Freaks
  • Vinyl 1: Face B1: Track 5. Desole Garoline
  • Vinyl 1: Face B2: Track 6. Créteil Soleil
  • Vinyl 1: Face B3: Track 7. Nu
  • Vinyl 1: Face B4: Track 8. Rose Tati
  • Vinyl 1: Face D4: Track 7. Tout vivre
  • Vinyl 2: Face C1: Track 1. Neige en Août
  • Vinyl 2: Face C2: Track 2. A quoi bon
  • Vinyl 2: Face C3: Track 3. La Fronde
  • Vinyl 2: Face D1: Track 4. qqn
  • Vinyl 2: Face D2: Track 5. Si seulement
  • Vinyl 2: Face D3: Track 6. La Zone

2 Vinyls Eddy de Pretto is today one of the most iconic singers of his generation in France. His first album Cure, released in 2018, was a dazzling success: 300,000 copies sold, four nominations for the Victoires de la Musique and two years of uninterrupted concerts, crowned by a Zénith tour in France. He returns in 2021 with a brand new album "A Tous les Bâtards" and a new Zéniths tour in the fall. The first single “Bateaux -Mouches” is a true story. The story of Eddy de Pretto. What a long way since its beginnings and these three years singing covers in front of tourists . It was here that he contemplated the capital and this career he wanted to conquer, which he has accomplished with such style. In the UK, he has a dedicated following and has toured with great success


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