La meme tribu [ Vol. 1 ] CD+DVD

Eddy Mitchell

Eddy Mitchell La meme tribu [ Vol. 1 ] CD+DVD
  • CD1: 1. La même tribu - Featuring Arno, Brigitte, Christophe, Julien Clerc, Jacques Dutronc, Thomas Dutronc, Laurent Gerra, Johnny Hallyday, Michel Jonasz, Maxime Le Forestier, Pascal Obispo, Renaud, Sanseverino, William Sheller, Alain Souchon, Laurent Voulzy & C
  • CD1: 2. C'est un rocker - With Johnny Hallyday
  • CD1: 3. On veut des légendes - With Alain Souchon
  • CD1: 4. Sur la route de Memphis - With Renaud
  • CD1: 5. J'ai oublié de l'oublier - With Julien Clerc
  • CD1: 6. Lèche-bottes blues - With Arno
  • CD1: 7. Toujours un coin qui me rappelle - With Keren Ann
  • CD1: 8. Au bar du Lutetia - With Jacques Dutronc
  • CD1: 9. M'man - With Ibrahim Maalouf
  • CD1: 10. Otis - With Charles Bradley
  • CD1: 11. La fille du motel - With Brigitte
  • CD1: 12. Nashville ou Belleville - With Sanseverino
  • CD1: 13. Un portrait de Norman Rockwell - With Christophe
  • CD1: 14. Et la voix d'Elvis - With Maryline Moine
  • CD2: 1. Exclusive documentary behind the scenes of the recording 'La Meme Tribu"

Decidedly, Mr. Eddy has not finished surprising us!
An album of duets with a host of artists, who revisit its great standards and puts a spotlight on some good old titles, this is the wonderful gift that offers us Eddy Mitchell. But it is, actually, much better and much more than just a duo album: an invitation to join the tribe that makes us dream.


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