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Wrasse Records, working together with Dreadnought Media have created a joint venture called Inclusionism, which aims to bring previously inaccessible films from Asia, particularly Korea.

The first two releases 'Moss' and 'Daytime Drinking' are now available from the Wrasse Records web site.

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Inclusionism Distribution aims to bring vibrant and diverse film titles to European audiences. Drawing on the expertises of it's founding members, Inclusionism is working to focus on areas of Asian film and in particular Korean cinema that have yet to be made fully and internationally accessible.

Inclusionism also seeks to provide the context that allows international films to be made fully accessible to European viewers. As well as high quality transfers and translations, every Inclusionism title is enhanced with exciting and well-researched additional material, including 'Making Of' featuretted amd expert audio commentary.

Inclusionism aims to promote cultural exchange and provide Western Viewers with exposure to some of the worlds most exciting cinema.

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