Three Letters from Sarajevo

Goran Bregovic

Goran Bregovic Three Letters from Sarajevo
  • CD1: 1. Jalija (Feat. Sifet & Mehmed)
  • CD1: 2. Christian Letter (Feat. Mirjana Neskovic)
  • CD1: 3. Pero (Feat. Bebe)
  • CD1: 4. Duj Duj (Feat. Rachid Taha)
  • CD1: 5. Baila Leila (Feat. Asaf Avidan)
  • CD1: 6. Muslim Letter (Feat. Zied Zouari)
  • CD1: 7. SOS (Feat. Rachid Taha)
  • CD1: 8. Vino Tinto (Feat. Bebe)
  • CD1: 9. Jewish Letter (Feat. Gershon Leizerson)
  • CD1: 10. Mazel Tov (Feat. Riff Cohen)
  • CD1: 11. Made in Bosnia (Feat. Sifet & Mehmed)

Goran Bregovic is a native of Sarajevo. His latest album is very much inspired by the history of that city and its different faiths, special identity, fusions and complex paradoxes. To write Three Letters from Sarajevo, Goran Bregovic united the city's three religions in harmony around his traditional 'Weddings and Funerals Orchestra'. Then, for this occasion, he brought in a full symphony orchestra to work on three long, instrumental pieces with three solo violins (Eastern, Klezmer and Western classical), together with vocalists (Rachid Taha, Riff Cohen, Asaf Avidan and Bebe) to record his amazing, explosive songs.


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