History Of Township Music
History Of Township Music
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 History Of Township Music History Of Township Music


Fortunately, a good deal of South African music was preserved during the apartheid-torn times, this album is a well documented history, with detailed sleeve notes, of township music in South Africa

This album is described as follows by the "Rough Guide To World Music": A One Stop Compendium of the history of urban township music as it developed in South Africa. Every major genre is illustrated with original long unavailable recordings of the most famous artists (as well as a few who have dropped off into undeserved obscurity). Treat it as a mini-encyclopaedia and read the notes, or just sit back, listen and enjoy. Twenty eight tracks and every one a classic. Songlines describes it as "the bible of township music".


CD1: 1. Thomas Mabiletsa - Zulu Piano Medley no 1 part 1
CD1: 2. Pietersburg Melodians - Rea Gae
CD1: 3. Soloman Lindašs Original Evening Birds - Mbube
CD1: 4. Royal Players - Khala Zo'Me
CD1: 5. Nancy Jacob and her Sisters - Meadowlands
CD1: 6. Dolly Rathebe & The African Inspots - Unomeva
CD1: 7. Manhattan Brothers - Jikela Emaweni
CD1: 8. Mabel Mafuya & The Green Lanterns-nomathemba
CD1: 9. Dorothy Masuka - Ufikizolo
CD1: 10. Solven Whistlers - Something New in Africa
CD1: 11. . Kippie Moeketsi & The Marabi Kings - Goli Kwela
CD1: 12. Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks with Spokes Mashiyane -Uile Ngoanša Batho
CD1: 13. Jazz Dazzlers - Diepkloof Ekhaya
CD1: 14. Elite Swingsters - Thulandivile
CD1: 15. Ten Troubadours - Umbuzi
CD1: 16. Four Yanks - Msenge
CD1: 17. Young Stars - Ulova
CD1: 18. Reggie Msomišs Hollywood Jazz Band - Midnight Ska
CD1: 19. Big Four - Mr Music
CD1: 20. Mahotella Queens - Mama Thula
CD1: 21. Makhona Tsohle Band - Ngikhala Ngiya Baleka 2
CD1: 22. John Ramotsie - Mkatakata
CD1: 23. Boyoyo Boys - Tsotsi
CD1: 24. Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje - Omzala Bakho
CD1: 25. Soul Brothers - Bayeza
CD1: 26. Mpharanyana & The Cannibals - Thakane
CD1: 27. Shoe Laces - Ndakwa Njalo
CD1: 28. Marumo - Toitoi

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