MWA - 12" Vinyl


 IAM MWA - 12
  • Vinyl 1: Face A: Track 1. MWA
  • Vinyl 1: Face B: Track 1. MWA (instrumentale)
  • Vinyl 1: Face B: Track 2. MWA (a cappella)

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl.

Revolution is a disc that overflows, which gives more than it takes, a luminous disc, voluntary, generous and funny, and empathic, not duped and never blase, it is a declaration of love to music, reggae, soul, funk, it is a hand extended to all those who do not want to be satisfied with breathing, a warning also, to those who maintain hatred without thinking about the consequences, Always an excuse not to advance, to accuse the other of their own abuses. After the release of this album, discover new track (not included in the album) titled "MWA".


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