Merci Serge Reggiani

Isabelle Boulay

Isabelle Boulay Merci Serge Reggiani
  • CD1: 1. Ma Solitude
  • CD1: 2. Ma Fille
  • CD1: 3. Il Suffirait De Presque Rien
  • CD1: 4. Le Vieux Couple
  • CD1: 5. De Quelles Amériques
  • CD1: 6. Si Tu Me Payes Un Verre
  • CD1: 7. Ma Liberté
  • CD1: 8. L'Absence
  • CD1: 9. Les Mensonges D'Un Père A Son Fils
  • CD1: 10. L'Italien
  • CD1: 11. Le Petit Garçon
  • CD1: 12. T'As L'Air D'Une Chanson
  • CD1: 13. Les Amours Sans Importance
  • CD1: 14. Le Déjeuner De Soleil

July 23, 2004, the great Serge Reggiani died. Ten years later, Isabelle Boulay pays tribute to him. She revisits some of the finest work of Reggiani. Produced by Philippe B and Benjamin Biolay, Thank You to Serge Reggiani is a tribute to the greatest songs of this exceptional singer by the Quebecois star who celebrates a man she considers a model and inspiration, recreating his timeless classics.


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