Keeping Mum - Original Soundtrack by Dickon Hinchliffe

Keeping Mum

 Keeping Mum Keeping Mum - Original Soundtrack by Dickon Hinchliffe
  • CD1: 1 Did You Ever Wonder Why?
  • CD1: 2. Rosie Jones
  • CD1: 3. Gloria in Bed
  • CD1: 4. Lance
  • CD1: 5. Just a Man
  • CD1: 6. The Trunk
  • CD1: 7 Walter
  • CD1: 8. The Bike Crash
  • CD1: 9. I Dont Know Any Girls
  • CD1: 10. What is Going On?
  • CD1: 11. Will you Find your Way Bakc To Me
  • CD1: 12. The Song Of Solomon
  • CD1: 13. Little Roase Petals
  • CD1: 14. Dont Get Me Started
  • CD1: 15 A Little Grace
  • CD1: 16. The Body in The Boot
  • CD1: 17. The Jones Women
  • CD1: 18. The Death Of Mrs Parker
  • CD1: 19. Keeping Mum
  • CD1: 20. Goodbye
  • CD1: 21. The Letter
  • CD1: 22 Gloria
  • CD1: 23. Did you Ever Wonder Why?

Keeping Mum is the new Rowan Atkinson film which opens Nationwide on December 2nd. Also staring Kristin Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith and Patrick Swayze. This glorious black comedy is set to be one of the biggest films of the Christmas period. The Soundtrack is written and performed by Dickon Hinchliffe of The Tindersticks, and the single “Did You Ever Wonder Why” featuring Rowan Atkinson and Dickon will go to radio on 7th November Reverend Walter Goodfellow (Rowan Atkinson) is a bumbling town vicar lives with his wife Gloria (Kristin Scott Thomas) and his two children in the small English town of Little Wallop. Gloria desperately tries to keep up appearances as the Vicar's wife but she's finding that her children and her hapless husband are just not enough for her any more so she's planning to run off with Lance (Patrick Swayze) her American golf instructor. Totally confused with her life she prays every night for salvation. Enter Grace (Maggie Smith), the answer to Gloria's prayers: a charming, discreet housekeeper (with a wicked secret) who has her own unique definition of keeping house – and an unusual knack for problem solving. Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas are doing huge promotion for the film around the World Premiere in London on 28th November.

  • This is a Compilation

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