L'Ecole De La Vie

Kendji Girac

Kendji Girac L'Ecole De La Vie
  • CD1: 1. Eva
  • CD1: 2. Le Feu
  • CD1: 3. Les Jeunes
  • CD1: 4. En Boucle
  • CD1: 6. L'École De La Vie
  • CD1: 7. Encore
  • CD1: 8. Plusieurs Vies
  • CD1: 9. J'ai Tendance
  • CD1: 10. Para Mi Dios
  • CD1: 11. Eva (Acoustique)

Kendji returns with a new album "L'Ecole De La Vie". The artist with five million sales worldwide addresses the themes that are close to his heart, in particular those of the family. This album is presented with "Eva", his most intimate song to date, a declaration of love to his daughter. After the ode to his own beloved mother, in the classic "Les Yeux de la Mama" (153 million views on YouTube), Kendji, overwhelmed by his first fatherhood, reveals himself to his audience with touching sincerity.


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