Lay Lou

Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon  Lay Lou
  • CD1: 1. Left Behind
  • CD1: 2. Above My Head
  • CD1: 3. Where To Start
  • CD1: 4. Nothing Left
  • CD1: 5. Lay Low
  • CD1: 6. Weekender Baby
  • CD1: 7. Let Me Go
  • CD1: 8. Good Man
  • CD1: 9. Worth Saying
  • CD1: 10. Robin Miller
  • CD1: 11. So Still

Lay Low unfolds in a succession of tracks that stream past like American landscapes. We move from folk ballads and movie blues to brass-backed soul in a referenced but modern Americana sublimated by Lou Doillon's unsettling vocals.

Lay Low's track listing also features a song already performed live: Weekender Baby, which Lou Doillon dreamt up as an 'exquisite corpse'. On it, she uses her vocal gifts to magnificent effect over a sparse acoustic backing. Very different are the arrangements on Let Me Go (surely one of the record's masterpieces), which rise majestically to a final climax sending shivers down our spines. Then Above My Head conjures up ghosts from the past while the upbeat-tempo Worth Saying explores an off-season world. In fact, the album's great achievement lies in its multiplicity of ambiences and colors. The record is mirrored by its cover, a self-portrait taken on waking that provides the perfect antithesis to the refined portrayal decorating the first LP. Lay Low is an album to be mastered and consumed without moderation.


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