Maelle Maelle
  • CD1: 1. Toutes les machines ont un coeur
  • CD1: 2. Le mot d'absence
  • CD1: 3. Le pianiste des gares
  • CD1: 4. L'effet de masse
  • CD1: 5. Je t'aime comme je t'aime
  • CD1: 6. SOS
  • CD1: 7. Sur un coup de tÍte
  • CD1: 8. Si
  • CD1: 9. Tu l'as fait
  • CD1: 10. You Go
  • CD1: 11. La marque

Debut album by the most exciting new artists in France, composed and produced by Calogero.

Covering themes that resonate with young fans, - love, school harassment, climate change ... When Maelle seizes all these themes, she gives them wings, all her heart and more. This is her first album, but as a performer, she shows enormous charisma.


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