Debranche - Live Acoustique VINYL

Noir Desir

Noir  Desir Debranche - Live Acoustique VINYL
  • Vinyl 1: Face A1: Track 1. Si rien ne bouge
  • Vinyl 1: Face A2: Track 2. Le vent nous portera
  • Vinyl 1: Face A3: Track 3. L’homme pressé
  • Vinyl 1: Face B1: Track 4. Des visages des figures
  • Vinyl 1: Face B2: Track 5. Les écorchés
  • Vinyl 1: Face B3: Track 6. À l'envers à l'endroit
  • Vinyl 1: Face B4: Track 8. Song for JLP
  • Vinyl 2: Face C1: Track 1. Un jour en France
  • Vinyl 2: Face C2: Track 2. Fin de siècle
  • Vinyl 2: Face D1: Track 3. Song forJLP
  • Vinyl 2: Face D2: Track 4. Back To YOu

AVAILABLE TO BUY ON 21st MAY 2021 Unplugged, this is the acoustic album of Noir Désir, the long awaited Unplugged from one of the greatest rock groups. This double album is composed of a recording made in Milan for the Italian radio during the tour Des visages des figures in 2002, the group revisits 7 titles acoustically (Si rien ne bouge, Le vent nous portera, L’homme pressé , Des visages des figures , Les écorchés, À l'envers à l'endroit , Song for JLP). The second disc comes from the TV show “Much Electric” recorded in Buenos Aires in 1997 during the 666 667 Club tour where the group performed 4 titles specially arranged for the occasion (Un jour en France, Fin de siècle, Back To You, Song for JLP). Acoustic brings an unprecedented vision to the songs, the melodies are highlighted, leaving behind for a moment the urgency of the electric versions, to explore the more serene and brighter sides of these compositions.


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