Noir Desir

Noir  Desir Integrale

After several years of document research, hundreds of hours of listening and viewing, here is the much awaited complete collection from Noir Désir, the largest rock group in France. Noir Désir's work is still essential today and for years to come in the musical landscape. In 15 years of existence, each album marked an evolution of the group and defined a style, an immediately recognizable sound and yet so rich, powerful and varied. CD 1 Où veux-tu qu’je r'garde CD 2 Veuillez rendre l'âme CD3 Du ciment sous les plaines CD 4 Tostaky CD 5 666.667 Club CD6 Des visages des figures CD 7 Dies Irae CD 8 Dies Irae CD 9 En public CD 10 En public CD 11 One Trip One Noise CD 12 Maquettes / Démos CD 13 Maquettes / Démos CD 14 Chansons hors album et versions alternatives CD 15 Covers et duos CD16   Elysée Montmartre CD 17 Débranché CD 18 Nous n'avons fait que fuir   A wonderful 18 CD and 1 DVD Set


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