A Retrospective

Pink Martini

 Pink Martini A Retrospective
  • CD1: 1. Una Notte a Napoli (First Recording)
  • CD1: 2. Hang On Little Tomato
  • CD1: 3. Donde Estas Yolanda?
  • CD1: 4. Hey Eugene
  • CD1: 5. La Soledad
  • CD1: 6. Splendor In The Grass
  • CD1: 7. Kikuchiyo to Mohshimasu
  • CD1: 8. Anna (El Negro Zumbon)
  • CD1: 9. Ma Solitude(feat Georges Moustaki)
  • CD1: 10. Mas Que Nada (feat Saori Yuki)
  • CD1: 11. Sympathique
  • CD1: 12. Lilly
  • CD1: 13. How Long Will It Last? (feat. Michael Feinstein)
  • CD1: 14. Tuca Tuca
  • CD1: 15. Que Sera Sera
  • CD1: 16. Moon River (feat Gus Van Sant)
  • CD1: 17. Amado Mio
  • CD1: 18. Man With The Big Sombrero
  • CD1: 19. Aspettami (First Recording)
  • CD1: 20. Auld Lang Syne
  • CD1: 21. Una Notte a Napoli (Johnny Dynell remix)

“A Retrospective” covers 21 tracks of the finest moments of Pink Martini to date and embodies everything that makes the 12-piece little orchestra from Portland Oregon so adored from the pop of “Hey Eugene” to a version of "Mas Que Nada" featuring the revered Japanese singer Saori Yuki, from the haunting "Que Sera Sera" to a unique version of “Moon River” with Gus Van Sant on vocals.

This special collection features 7 previously unreleased songs plus a 48  page booklet of rare Pink Martini polaroid photos.


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