Released: 14.05.07

01 Everywhere
02 Tempo Perdido
03 Mar Desconocido
04 Taya Tan
05 City Of Night
06 Ojala
07 Bukra Wa Ba'ado
08 Cante e Dance
09 Hey Eugene!
10 Syracuse
11 Dosvedanya Mio Bombino
12 Tea For Two (feat. Jimmy Scott)

Hey Eugene! is the highly anticipated third album by Pink Martini. The 'little orchestra' from Portland continue to mix influences as diverse as the samba of Tempo Perdido to the cover of the Japanese Saori Yuki hit Taya Tan. The exultantly funky title song was written by singer China Forbes in the mid-nineties and is inspired by a meeting with a teacher called Eugene at a party in New York.

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