Vasco Modena Park (5LP Box Set)

Vasco Rossi

Vasco Rossi Vasco Modena Park (5LP Box Set)

5LP Box Set
July 1st 2017 has been a date that millions of fan will never forget. It was 'Vasco Modena Park' day.
Not only a live show but an epochal event where more than 220.000 people reached Imola Autodrome for the live event of the year.
Vasco Rossi, the legendary and most ionic rock Italian artist, was celebrating the 40th anniversary of his career with a magical and unforgettable live show.
More than 3 hours of powerful and emotional music Vasco Modena Park will be released on December 8th in 3 different formats.
An amazing gift to all Italian people spread all over the world and a great chance to live again the breathtaking emotions of July 1st 2017.


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