Cita Con La Luz

Yuri Buenaventura

Yuri Buenaventura Cita Con La Luz
  • CD1: 1. La Hamacha De La Noche
  • CD1: 2. La Cita
  • CD1: 3. Caminamos - Feat. Morley
  • CD1: 4. No Lo Puedo Recordar
  • CD1: 5. Me Fuiste - Feat. Olivia Ruiz
  • CD1: 6. No Pasa Nada - Feat. Baldji
  • CD1: 7. Si Tu Estas Aqui - Feat. Berry
  • CD1: 8. Vuelo
  • CD1: 9. Como La Maleza
  • CD1: 10. Se Me Fue La Vida
  • CD1: 11. Amor Eterno
  • CD1: 12. Valle De Rosas

“Cita con la luz” is Yuri Buenaventura’s fifth album in twelve years. This time, the songs breathe tranquility, easing off on the accelerator - more chic than shock, revealing more about himself then he has done in the past.

The album’s twelve tracks (plus a hidden one) were essentially recorded in Yuri’s native Colombia, in Bogota, and, for the first time, Cuba. Much more than just a salsero, Yuri confirms his talent as an all-round singer with styles ranging from jazz to ballad… and even forays into hip-hop and folk, the result of his more audacious partnerships.

Hidden somewhere on this album is a bonus track with a provocative title: 'Los Cobardes (The Cowards)', an incitement to… let go and enjoy a descarga, a Latino jam session. Its ten minutes and builds into a frenzy, led by fiery Cuban drummer Horacio El Negro Hernandez, a postscript to remind us that Yuri Buenaventura’s last album’s “salsa dura” is still part of his heritage.

'The commanding, expressive voice of Buenaventura…gifted and versatile… - fRoots
'Colombian Magic' - Songlines


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