Yuri Buenaventura

Yuri Buenaventura Vagabundo
  • CD1: 1 Guajiro Del Monte
  • CD1: 2. Palo Y Cuero(C Feliciano)
  • CD1: 3. Indiferencia
  • CD1: 4. Mi America
  • CD1: 5. Donde Estas?
  • CD1: 6. Neruda
  • CD1: 7. Hermanito
  • CD1: 8 Vagabundo
  • CD1: 9. Coqui
  • CD1: 10. Paloma Tana
  • CD1: 11. El Guerrero
  • CD1: 12. Afrotango
  • CD1: 13. Descarga Uno
  • CD1: 14. Vagabundo(C Feliciano)
  • CD1: 15 Terror
  • CD1: 16. Descarga Dos

Interspersed are three unforgettably sensual songs written with Jorge Zulueta which brilliantly underpin a Latin theme with an erotic tango sound. And besides the innovative music, Buenaventura’s words mark him out: like Ruben Blades, he’s one of the few salsa singers to marry a cutting edge sound with thoughtful lyrics. While his youthful viewpoint may not be as mature or poetic as Blades’, he evokes with great compassion the difficulty of many people’s everyday lives.
With a wonderfully attractive voice which at times recalls the legendary Hector Lavoe, Buenaventura duets with the great Cheo Feliciano on ‘Palo y Cuero’ (Stick and Skin) and the second of two versions of the title-track, dedicated to those who live on the streets. The first, sung engagingly in French, gives the clue that this musically and politically intelligent singer is now based in Paris. But as the celebratory ‘Mi America’ shows, he’s as close to home in spirit and energy as ever. Buenaventura means a ‘good venture’ – he’s certainly embarked on one of . Songlines


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