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His latest album 'Welcome Home' available now.

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Cocoon appeared on the French scene barely ten years ago and soon established their reputation as the driving force of a new folk movement. Led by singer-songwriter Mark Daumail, with Morgane Imbeaud singing harmonies, the group released two albums that went platinum. They also scored a hit with Chupee, taken from My Friends All Died in a Plane Crash in 2007.

After Cocoon's last tour, Mark Daumail put the group on standby and set out to explore new musical landscapes, now as a solo artist.

Recording a first album in his own name, he swapped Cocoon's acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies for the electronic sounds of machines and programming. "I wanted to play around with synths and beatboxes," he remembers today. The musician from Clermont had left Paris to settle among the vineyards of Bordeaux, where he set up his recording studio. He began to spend time there a year and a half ago when his family suffered a private drama. "Our first child was born with a heart malformation. We found ourselves trapped in a tunnel between the hospital, intensive care and the cordon sanitaire protecting our baby."

Soon, Mark found a way of dealing with the situation, playing guitar at his baby's bedside and writing him a first song: Get Well Soon. In it, he sings, "It's been a tough year for my family," alluding directly to the ordeal they faced.
When his son had recovered, the experience provided material for some of the happiest songs Mark had ever written. "I wanted to write a glowing album," he explains. Mission accomplished!

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