School Of Life

Daara J Family

 Daara J Family School Of Life
  • CD1: 1. Bayi Yoon
  • CD1: 2. Celebrate
  • CD1: 3. Tomorrow
  • CD1: 4. Children
  • CD1: 5. Temps Boy
  • CD1: 6. Potu Nda
  • CD1: 7. Positif
  • CD1: 8. School Of Life
  • CD1: 9. Oh Why
  • CD1: 10. Sun Afreeca
  • CD1: 11. Gates Of Freedom


Downsizing to just the two founding members, the Daara J project took the name of Daara J Family, and went back on tour, fortified by a new creative spirit. Following several collaborations (including playing at Damon Albarn’s Africa Express Project in London and Lagos), Faada Freddy and N’Dongo D began to work on a new album. This album is at last complete, and after listening to it, you realize the full extent of the knowledge this duo have and their incredible ability to unite New York, Dakar, Paris, and Kingston on a mesmerising musical journey which could only belong to them: pure hip hop, the haunting lament of Bayi Yon (one of the most beautiful melodies on the album), the unbridled funky spirit of “Oh why” and “Celebrate” (a killer dance floor track and the first single to be released from the album), the powerful rant of “School of life”, the tribal spirit of “Sun afreeca”, the sultry languor of “Tomorrow”, the powerful reggae of “Children”, the definitive combination of all of these musical influences of “Temps boy” (a song that plays in your head over and over)

Pulsating through the entire album like blood through a main artery are the rhythmic and hypnotic melodies of Africa.

N’Dongo D’s raw voice is a perfect complement to Faada Freddys’ vocal surges… And once again they prove that they just know how to write beautiful songs.


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