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'Frero Delavega' & Des Ombres Et Des Lumieres' available now,

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They sold more than 500 000 albums in France, played more than 300 concerts : they will perform for the first time in London, the 19th and 20th of April at Nell's Jazz and blues.

Flo and Jeremy are two really good friends discovered on the Internet thanks to their duo : Frero Delavega. They quickly encountered a great success thanks to their very personnal and acoustic covers : more than 10 millions views on Youtube.

Very eager to play on stage, they started performing in small bars and clubs in France, Belgium and Switzerland. As they were on a tour, a tv show helped them getting known to the public. They released their debut album (Capitol/Universal) in July 2014.

It was an immediate success. More than 400 000 copies were sold in less than a year. The singles Sweet Darling, Mon Petit Pays and Le Chant des Sirenes were aired in every national radios. Their second album intitled 'Des Ombres et des Lumieres' was released in November 2015. More than 10 000 copies were sold in less than 10 days.

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