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Jorge Benjor was a key representative of the Rio wing of Brazil's TROPICALIA movement ( which blended American blues, rock and roll into the already potent musical stew of Brazilian pop). Jorge loved music and his first big hit as a singer-songwriter came at the age of 23 with "Mas, Que Nada." and was sung by Sergio Mendes. During the military dictatorship's cultural crackdown in the late '60s Jorge, whose music wasn't scrutinized as rigorously as that of tropicalists like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, was able to perform without too much trouble into the early '70s. He has worked with all the prominant Brazilian artists and has also worked with King Sunny Ade. He has had 14 records released in France, 10 in Japan, four in Germany and four in Italy. He made a song for Marilyn Monroe in the 80s entitled "Norma Jean". He even brought a suit, and won it, against English rock singer-songwriter Rod Stewart whom he accused of plagiarism (Taj Mahal)
Jorge Ben's career is still going strong and has spanned three decades of successes with all the musical genres from samba to rock to bossa nova, passing through tropicalismo, jazz and reggae. He has never limited himself to a particular style of music and has never looked down at any musical style.

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