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Metaphysics defines the essence of something as the immutable core of what remains and that nothing, not even time, can change. That is certainly why Pedro Ayres de Magalhães chose the word Essence to title the new album of Madredeus, a collection of thirteen songs selected from a repertoire of nearly two hundred that the group built over a quarter of a century, replenish with success. However, the success of Madredeus cannot be measured only by numbers: be it by records sales, neither by mesmerized audiences in countless tours around the world, nor for the standing ovations or even the number of awards that marked the unique character of their music over these 25 years. Madredeus success has to be measured by other standards: the world range and the persistent remembrance of their music confirming their universal vocation. Jorge Varrecoso, São Carlos Orchestra violinist, is part of Madredeus new formation and has taken the first step towards this Essence, proposing to Pedro Ayres new arrangements for the classical repertoire of the ensemble. Initially thought for a new concert it culminated later in this new register. The strings from Jorge Varrecoso and Antonio Figueiredo, plus Luis Clode’s cello, now join Pedro Ayres Magalhães classical guitar and Carlos Maria Trindade synthesizers. The beautiful and classical trained voice of Beatriz Nunes is the last piece in this new chamber music equation proposed to Madredeus music. Pedro Ayres explains: "with this new ensemble the melody is much more supported and yet we have definitely preserved the rhythm, and the harmony." That is the Essence. The selected thirteen songs travel throughout the records of Madredeus specially those from the first decade. The selection, ultimately a scope on Madredeus’s new life on stage, gives a new breath to the enduring classics, treasures such as "Ao Longe o Mar", "O Pomar das Laranjeiras", "Palpitação" "A Sombra", "A Confissão", "O Navio", "Coisas Pequenas or, among other themes, "Adeus e Nem Voltei". These songs represent the best of Madredeus, the most profound essence from their magical and unique music that has been touching the world for 25 years. Pedro Ayres assures: "The words preserve their essence while Beatriz respects the original mise en scène of the sentences”. In fact, there is an immutable quality to this music. Madredeus’s founder and leader also underlines that the stage is the "natural habitat" for these compositions, being perfected live through the performances for different audiences, cultures with different ways of perceiving their music.

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