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Faris is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.

Born of a Touareg mother and an Italian father, he grew up in different countries and was influenced by many musical styles, although traditional touareg music was a major influence to him due to his maternal connection. He recorded his debut single Derhan Alkher with Terakaft in 2010, and performed as a soloist with Tinariwen at Festival du Desert in Mali in 2012. After many collaborations with Tinariwen, Terakaft and Tartit, his work with artists like David Rhodes, Leo Bud Welch, Fulvio Maras and Kiran Ahluwalia demonstrates his broad view of the musical landscape.

As a young and promising artist with his own repertoire, Faris is an example of how Touareg music is evolving and will evolve in the future.

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