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Sara performs at the Union Chapel in London on 28th April

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Sara Correia was just 13 years old when she won the Grande Noite do Fado (a major fado festival and singing competition, established in 1953). Soon after her victory, she was invited to sing at one of Lisbon's most important venues for fado, the Casa de Linhares, where she sang and learnt from some of the greatest voices in fado, Celeste Rodrigues, Jorge Fernando and Maria da Nazare. She grew up listening to and learning from Amalia Rodrigues, "the ultimate fadista" who inspired her deeply on the path she's lead . She lists other great voices as her influences, like Fernanda Maria, Beatriz da Conceicao or Herminia Silva. Recently, her talent caught the attention of French filmmaker Joel Santoni, who asked her to sing Amalia Rodrigues' "O Grito" for his "Une Famille Formidable" television series.

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