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Tiken Jah Fakoly has released his new album ' Le monde est chaud '.

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Following in the footsteps of his musical mentor, Alpha Blondy,Tiken Jah Fakoly has established himself as one of the figureheads of the new reggae scene in Africa. Fusing hisinfectious reggae beat with hard-hitting lyrics, Fakoly has become a spokesperson for an entire generation of music fans, speaking out on political and social issues through his songs. His huge success in France, where he has sold over 100,000 albums has propelled him to currently be the Best selling African Reggae artist. Born, Doumbia Moussa Fakoly, in a village in the north-west of Ivory Coast on 23 June 1968. The Fakoly family belong to the griot caste. The African griots are the storytellers/musicians who guard the oral tradition of their people, their region and the most important families living there, recounting stories and legends through their music. As a young boy, Tiken developed a passionate interest in music, but he did not actually put his passion into practice until after the death of his father. Tiken's music soon crossed national borders and spread to Europe and it was not long before he started making a name for himself in the 'world' music capital, Paris.

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